Elements of the Past...

My obsession with scans from old magazines taken to the logical conclusion...me sharing my very favorite scans here! Here are links to more of my tumblrs with even more scans!:
Classic Ad Addiction
Buttoned Up High: 1960's Fashion
Hippie Habits and Disco Duds (if you dig 70's style)

I'm 32 (which probably makes me ancient in Tumblr-world), married, and a volunteer DJ at www.wnmc.org every other Friday night from 11pm-2am. ***Just a small FYI: You can tell from the photos posted here that I have a real love for classic images. I don't re-blog anyone, but I have a lot of photos I've "favorited". Everything you see here are photos that I've scanned myself. Sure, it takes time and effort (and the money that I've spent buying these magazines) to share these images, but my goal with having a Tumblr is to have all of my very favorite images in one easily accessable place. Thanks for stopping by and enjoying!

Keith Allison and Jackie DeShannon

Teen - April 1967

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